Welcome to VMS Solutions Day 2019

* Applications for VMS Solutions Day are now closed. Thank you for your interest in VMS Solutions Day 2019

We are so excited to see you on VMS Solutions Day User Conference on 18th of July 2019. It will be a great opportunity for you to get to know more about the trend in SCM industries in these days and our newest products. Especially for this year, the topic will be specialized in application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to SCM. Please, see below for more information about VMS Solutions Day. We will update you more about the event soon.

Event Schedule

Session Topic Presenter Organization Time
Opening Ceremony Opening Speech S.K, Yoo VMS Solutions 09:00 ~ 09:30
CEO's Speech B.H, Kim VMS Solutions 09:30 ~ 09:50
Configuration Session Case Study of Logistics Inovation by Artificial Intelligence Y.J. Jang KAIST 09:50 ~ 10:30
Experiment Session Case Study of Deep Learning Application on Semiconductor Manufacturing S.C. Park Ajou University 10:30 ~ 11:10
KPI Analysis by Machine Learning H. J. Kim Sungkyunkwan University 11:10 ~ 11:50
Artificial Intelligence Application to Scheduling K.H. Kim Incheon University 11:50 ~ 12:30
Lunch (Momo Cafe, 8F) 12:30 ~ 13:30
Argument Session Autonomous Manufacturing with MOZART B.H, Kim VMS Solutions 13:30 ~ 14:10
MOZART Product Roadmap G.H. Chung VMS Solutions 14:10 ~ 14:50
Coffee Break 14:50 ~ 15:20
Running Session New Product Demonstration Tech. Research Center VMS Solutions 15:20 ~ 16:00
Discussion and Q&A All the Participants All the Participants 16:00 ~ 17:00
Closing Ceremony Photograph Taking S.K. Yoo VMS Solutions 17:00 ~ 17:30